BMW of Des Moines is proud to offer PermaSafe


PermaSafe is a timely, innovative new product that offers the ONLY proven solution to an age-old problem that has recently become an urgent present-day concern: Sustainable Vehicle Passenger Cabin Sanitation and Microbial Control. 


The PermaSafe System is comprised of two distinct, yet equally remarkable, patented and EPA approved products: PermaSafe CLEAN and PermaSafe SHIELD.


A complete PermaSafe System installation is achieved by fogging CLEAN and SHIELD, one product right after the other, throughout a vehicle's passenger cabin, a process that typically takes no more than 15 minutes, from start to finish, and:


  • Eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and viruses PLUS odors and allergens
  • Destroys and prevents future growth of mold, mildew & other microbes
  • Makes interior surfaces antimicrobial and effectively "Self-Sanitizing"
  • Continuously sanitizes HVAC systems, ductwork and passenger cabin air
  • Perpetually pulls microbes from the air and eliminates them on contact


Uniquely multifunctional, PermaSafe also preserves and protects the look, feel and smell

of interior surfaces, from headliners to carpets and everything in between.


  • Repels and resists stains from liquids, dirt and other spills
  • Shields and adds years of life to upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces
Prevents future odors, fading, decay and UV damage