Lease and Finance Offers

Leasing and Financing at BMW of Des Moines

When the time comes for a new car, there are multiple ways to finance. Whether loaning or leasing a vehicle, both ways help you acquire the BMW you have always dreamed of. At BMW of Des Moines, we strive to make auto-financing our new BMW inventory as simple as we possibly can.

What are the Differences Between Leasing and Financing?

Leasing a vehicle involves generally lower monthly payments and a contract for a specified amount of time. The terms of the contract help set limits on mileage and condition, which differs from an auto-loan where you receive full ownership with no restrictions. At the expiration of the lease, you either turn in your vehicle for a new one, re-up your lease, or buy a new car altogether depending on your preference.

With an auto-loan you receive the loan and pay it off with monthly payments, generally at a higher rate than leasing. With no limits to how the car must be treated or how many miles you travel, your own vehicle is free for you to do with as you please.

Leasing and auto-loans can be the better options for anyone, it's up to the individual. If you have any questions at all, please speak with our finance experts who would be more than willing to help.

How do you Lease or Finance?

To start the financing process, simply fill out a credit application or structure your auto-financing online. Our experts will work with you and provide a variety of tools to make the financing process as smooth as possible.

We encourage you to consult with our experts to learn more about leasing and financing at BMW of Des Moines.

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