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Don't Wait on Your Brakes: Have Them Inspected Today

Faulty brakes are all-too-often blamed on external conditions. The roads are too slick or that asphalt is too gravely, right? But what about when driving conditions are perfect and your brakes still take longer than usual to do their job? If you've been sliding a bit as you approach Stop signs and red lights, it's not that your neighborhood is due for a new coat of pavement or a more efficient snowplow crew. It could, in fact, mean your brakes are in need of service.

Have you been hearing noises? Think that screeching or grinding noise is coming from the car behind you? Think again. Worn calipers and rotors can make some pretty funky sounds, some of which you might not even realize are coming from your car.

Nearly all brake pads come equipped with wear indicators that squeal when your pads need replacing - but the noises they make aren't always easily recognizable, especially if you've got the stereo cranked up or, like the rest of us, ten other things on your mind. In fact, having your brakes checked and repaired before they go completely caput can often save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Drivers from around Urbandale can put a stop to all their brake-related questions by calling the parts and service experts at BMW of Des Moines. Our team of experts is trained to handle all of your routine service needs, from brake repair to oil changes, tire rotations and diagnostic checks. You can also schedule a brake appointment by today by calling (888) 633-6027 or by utilizing our free Online Service Appointment Request Tool today. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we will gladly set up a time for you to come see us. We hope to see you soon!

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