Changing your oil remains one of the most crucial routine maintenance steps a driver to take. Not everyone understands the difference between the various brands of oil, though. Understanding oil differences, such as the various viscosity levels, allows you to choose the right oil for the right time. Viscosity indicates how fast or slow the oil flows.

During cold weather, thin oil with low viscosity proves most helpful. However, when the thermostat moves in an upward direction and the weather becomes hot, it’s best to use thicker, higher viscosity oil. Unfortunately, containers do not always say whether they are high or low. You have to read the alphanumeric indicators on the packaging.

You will immediately notice a “W” on the container. Surprisingly, W stands for “winter.” To the left of that letter is a number indicating a low-temperature viscosity rating. The other number on the right represents the high-temperature viscosity rating.

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