Check Out Some of the Many Features on the BMW 5 Series

When it comes to midsize luxury sedans, the BMW 5 Series often comes to the front of the class. It is loaded down with popular features that drivers today look forward to the most. You will have a lot of fun getting to know this vehicle, and that starts with a visit to BMW of Des Moines.

You will find that the BMW 5 Series has improved steering ability. With the optional integral active steering feature, the rear wheels on the vehicle turn as well. This gives you better maneuvering ability when taking those curves on the highway.

There are also new and improved smart drive modes built right into the design of the BMW 5 Series. You will be able to shift between these modes with a simple touch of the button. This allows the throttle to become even more responsive no matter what the driving condition is. Take this car on a test drive when you visit BMW of Des Moines.

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