BMW 3-Series: A Legend Still in the Making

Few vehicles are as iconic as the BMW 3-series. For decades, it has reigned as an engineering marvel and global standard for automotive performance. The design, the engineering, and the driver experience of the 3-series are its hallmark, and though it has been widely imitated, its character remains unique and highly desired.

The new 3-series is a continuation of this legacy, pushing the limits of performance, efficiency, and driver to road connection. The new 3-series features some new options and enhancements to maintain the ultimate driving experience.

The all new full-color heads up display and enhanced idrive controls make it easier to access vehicle info while staying focused on the road. New iperformance features also push the limits of energy efficiency allowing owners to get the absolute best out of every drive. The 3-series holds true to its winning heritage with some sprinkled in features that spice up the driving experience without ruining the sauce.

Come experience automotive perfection at BMW of Des Moines.

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