Apple CarPlay Is Your Digital Co-Pilot

Apple CarPlay is your best co-pilot while you drive. There is no need for meddling with your phone trying to pull up apps. Once you plug in the mobile device to the vehicle, everything from your phone is transferred to the navigation screen.

There is no need of calling On-Star to search for your favorite locations. Everything is found on the Maps app. From EV charging stations, if you have an electric vehicle, to coffee shops for your morning picker-uppers. With the help of Siri, everything that you need is made possible. Just recite her name and the virtual assistant program will take over. Another feature is the hands-free on-road calling that prevents accidents. You can make calls, receive them, send text messages and receive them, and even listen to your voicemail.

We here have many interesting vehicles from various makes and models with the Apple CarPlay system. Contact us at BMW of Des Moines in Urbandale, IA to discover what they are.

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