Is Your Fuel Pump Working Properly?

The fuel pump is one of your engine's most important parts. When it isn't working properly, your car won't run. Here are some signs that it may need attention.

One of the most telltale signs happens at high speeds on the freeway. If your engine seems to be sputtering, the pump is not delivering fuel properly. Rising engine temperature is another indicator that the fuel pump is malfunctioning. Another is a loss of power when towing or hauling heavy cargo in Urbandale. Irregular resistance within the fuel pump can cause your vehicle to surge, while decreased gas mileage is another indicator.

A total fuel pump failure can result in your vehicle not starting at all. Whenever you see these signs, consult the technicians at BMW of Des Moines. Our service department will be happy to take a look at your vehicle and quickly repair it so you can be on your way.

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