How to Brighten Cloudy Headlights

If your vehicle is several years old, you may have noticed that its headlights have dimmed. That doesn't bode well for driving at night, so what should you do? Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies that can decloud the casing of your headlights and restore brilliance to your light beams.

For headlights with plastic casing, try restoring them with toothpaste. Simply get a rag, wet it, rub toothpaste into the headlights and rinse. Insect repellent is another remedy. Use it in the same way as toothpaste by rubbing it into the headlights. Be careful, however, as the repellent can damage your car's paint. Make sure to spray the repellent onto the rag to avoid this possibility.

Sometimes home remedies won't work. For a more through restoration, bring your vehicle into the service center at BMW of Des Moines in Urbandale, IA where our technicians will make them bright again.

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