Differences in Brake Fluids

While the idea behind how your braking system works, and why brake fluids must be changed, the types of brake fluids available can be confusing. Fortunately, our service department at BMW of Des Moines knows what is best for your car. But general information is helpful for any driver.

Most vehicles have one of two types of braking systems. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) or a more conventional non- anti-lock brake. Vehicles with ABS brakes require a glycol-based brake fluid. Vehicles without ABS generally use a silicone-based brake fluid. It's important to know which brake fluid your vehicle uses, although not as important to know which grade. A vehicle that has used a glycol fluid can't switch to silicone. Glycol breaks down silicone making it a hazard.

Our certified service technicians are trained to know which brake fluid is best for your car. Stop by BMW of Des Moines soon for a complete braking system check.

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