BMW M Model – Race Track Power with Street Safety

The hard-working people of Urbandale depend on their vehicles to drive with precision and power, which is probably why there are so very many BMWs in this area to begin with. BMW is a name in excellence and elegance in the automotive industry, so it’s no big surprise that the first street-legal, practical race car came from their engineers.

The M Model is a high-performance vehicle utilizing the same precision steering, aerodynamic design, 1,000 horse power twin-turbo engine and fantastic safety race car drivers depend on. BMW has wrapped all of this power and excellence into an attractive design that meets both the practicality and pure thrill everyone wishes their car had.

Anyone looking for the raw power of the race track with the safety and reliability of BMW design need look no further than the M Model. Come visit us at BMW of Des Moines today for a test drive!

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