Test Your Car's Battery Safely on Your Own

In order to test the battery in your car safely, you are going to need safety glasses, gloves, wire brush, and the voltmeter. The car engine and lights have to be off to work safely around the battery.

Once the hood is opened, put on the safety glasses and gloves, use the wire brush to remove any corrosion that may be present on the terminals of the battery. The voltmeter has two cables, black and red. Red goes on the positive end of the car battery first, then the black cable can be placed on the negative side securely. Looking at the voltmeter, a reading that is at 12.4 or better means good battery, anything less is a bad battery.

When you have concerns that the car battery could fail any minute, come to our service center at BMW of Des Moines so the crew can inspect the charging system and replace your car battery if it no longer has the power to crank over the car engine.

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