Why Everyone Can’t Help But Love the BMW 3 Series

The archetype for the Ultimate Driving Machine began over 40 years ago with the BMW 3 Series. Today, it remains a favorite, and one of the Bavarian automaker’s bestselling models. Prioritizing a sporty, engaged driving experience, luxury, and overall pleasure, it hits home runs regardless of body style or added options.

Today, there’s a flavor of 3 Series for practically every driver. Sedans, wagons, hatchbacks, and a more zesty M3 are all part of what makes this marque so lauded. But regardless of body style, or even engine displacement, the 3 Series offers pure driving pleasure at every level. Thanks to a rigid chassis, exhaustively-tuned suspension and relatively-lagless turbocharged engines, the 3 Series delivers on every promise.

If the 3 Series is your flavor, we can help you pinpoint which body style and trim suits your needs. If you already know, that’s great, too! All you need to do is contact our BMW dealership in Urbandale, IA to get the ball rolling.

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