Sporting Value in the BMW 330i, The Most Well-Rounded 3 Series Model

The BMW 3 Series remains the sport sedan benchmark forty years after it first came to America, and enthusiasts and premium drivers still can’t get enough. Although offered in a variety of flavors, the 330i represents the best value for many—splitting the difference between every day drivability and copious amounts of fun.

Powering the 330i is one of the best turbocharged inline-four engines in the business. With 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque kicking in at 1,250 rpm, it boasts excellent and eager acceleration—all while still managing to net an impressive 34 mpg highway. Like other 3 Series models, engagement and pleasure is at the forefront of the driving experience, with precise steering and commanding stability. The 330i also comes with nine packages to further its abilities and feel. We’d pick M Sport, Luxury, and Technology packages, to name a few.

The Ultimate Driving Machine name was carved from the 3 Series, and once you spend a few minutes behind the wheel, you’ll see why. If you’d let to vet the 330i or another trim as your next new BMW, schedule an appointment with our Urbandale, IA location whenever it’s convenient.

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